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Bryan Arabian

(559) 567-2545
Hi, my name is Bryan. I have lived in Kerman for most of my life and many people in Kerman know me or my family. My family has been established in the Kerman/Biola area since the 40’s.  My great-grandfather, escaping from Armenia, first made landfall in San Francisco but started to settle by buying vineyard here.  My family has been rooted here since.  I have a beautiful wife, Amy, of 18 years. Together we have a daughter, who is 14 years old.

I love Kerman.  Really!  Kerman has been a great town to grow up in and now to raise our child in.  I have seen Kerman’s population grow from 6,000 to a 15,000 plus town. I am proud to have graduated from Kerman High School class of 1998!  Now I am honored and privileged to be serving the town I grew up in as a Pastor, while maintaining my roots as the family ranch manager.  Growing grapes/raisins and growing people are very similar.  It takes a lot of work, dedication, and sleepless nights, but it is so rewarding.  It truly is my heart to show my love for Jesus  not in only my words, but in my life as well.  I love God, my family and my community!