Least of These

Who are you?

The misfit
The mindful
The miracle
The maker
The mortal

The broken
The beautiful
The basic
The backward
The brilliant

The crushed
The cruel
The carefree
The castoff
The callous

The lost
The lonely
The loved
The less than
The littlest

We all march out, seekers of truth and life. Eyes wide in anticipation of a King. One who will rule with justice, lest it be left up to us to self govern. High and low, near but usually far from safety is our first place to go. Sending out the call, looking for One who will never fall. Trusting, honest, true; a Hero who always comes through.

He stepped down from the heavens, to be a man. Taking on life as a burden, far too much for us to carry alone. Seeking each heart, straight from the start. Like two halves drawn together, we seek and He reveals. Upturned eyes and hearts find the One. He is steadfast and true, mysterious and brilliant, whole but allowed to be broken; carrying the hearts keys.

He is the King of the Least of These.

That’s you and me.