We would love to have you at our “In-Person Worship Service”

Sundays @ 10:20am

1. Hand sanitizer stations are inside the building. Please sanitize your hands going in and exiting church.
2. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms. “STAY HOME” & watch online.
3. If you have been exposed or think you may have been exposed to COVID 19. “STAY HOME” & watch online
4. If you have been diagnosed with COVID 19. Please let us know IMMEDIATELY.
5. Sanctuary will have deep cleaning and disinfecting at least once a week.
6. There will be a surface cleaning after every service.
7. Masks and/or face coverings are optional. Masks will be provided for you if you wish.
8. You accept the release of liability form posted at the church when entering our facility.
1. Services follow a simple format and typically go until noon.
Dismissal of kids for TFH:KIDS Church
The Message from Pastor
Dismissal in prayer or worship
2. We will have an online presence as services will be live streamed online (ie YouTube; Facebook Live).
3. An offering box will be found in front of the sanctuary to drop off your tithes and offerings if you wish to give.
4. You may be recorded as all In-Person Worship Services are broadcasted online.

If you have any questions please email Pastor Bryan at Bryan@FathersHouseKerman.com